5.1. Composition: All members(Full/Guest) of The AIIMSONIANS whose names are on "register of membership" of  The AIIMSONIANS shall be members of the general Body of  The AIIMSONIANS .

The register of membership will be maintained and kept in the head office of the Association.
  5.2. Voting rights and other privileges of members of the General Body


* All Full members and Guest members of the Association are entitled to the same kind of privileges except the voting rights which differ for various groups as under:

* All Full members of groups A1, A2, A3, A4 (as in 4.1.a above) have voting right only to elect nominees of their respective groups to the Executive Committee of the Association.

* All Full members of group B (as in clause 4.1.b above) have voting rights on all issues of the Association (e.g. election of the office bearers of the Association as well as nominees of group B (only) on the  Executive Committee, constitutional amendments etc). 
* Guest AIIMSONIANS have no voting rights in the General Body though they are welcome to attend and contribute to the proceedings of the General Body.



5.3. Duties of the General Body


  i) To elect the Executive Committee as per details in clause 6.

ii) To guide and examine the work of the Executive Committee and decide the future lie of action.

  iii) To draw rules and byelaws for the smooth functioning of the Association.

iv) To examine and approve the yearly income and expenditure drawn by the Executive Committee.

v) To assist in raising funds for the Association.

vi) The General Body has the power to sanction extraordinary expenses of the Association as and when deemed necessary.



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