There will be a minimum of one General Body Meeting and three Executive Committee meetings in a year. Absence from three consecutive Executive Committee meetings without prior intimation may lead to dropping of the member from the Executive Committee. The vacancy thus created will be filled by co-opting a member from the General Body.

  The Secretary will call the meetings of the General Body. The place and time of which will be fixed in consultation with the President. Agenda for the meeting will be approved by the President and will accompany the notice. Notice for the Executive Committee, however, can be given on phone or any other manner with approval of the Executive Committee.

Extraordinary General Body Meeting can be convened by the Executive Committee and by a requisition from at least 100 Group `B’ members.


The Association will adopt presence of one-third of total members as proper quorum in all meetings of the Executive Committee and one-fifth of all members in case of the General Body meeting. In case the quorum is inadequate, the meeting will be adjourned and re-convened after 15 minutes. The members present in the re-convened meeting will constitute the quorum for that meeting.

All resolutions will be passed by majority of Group B members as in clause 4.2.b.



Proposals for amendments to the constitution may be submitted to the Executive Committee by any member of The AIIMSONIANS. Such proposals will be discussed by the Executive Committee and presented in a General Body meeting for which prior information will be provided at least six weeks before the meeting.

Amendments to the Constitution will be adopted by two third majority of the Group `B’ members (in clause 4.1.b) present and voting.


  The financial year of the "The AIIMSONIANS" will be from 1st April to 31st March every year.
  The authorised signatories to operate the bank accounts will be any two of the three office bearers, i.e. the President, Secretary cum Treasurer and a Joint Secretary. The accounts shall be maintained in any of the Nationalised Bank in Delhi/New Delhi.


  The Executive Body will appoint an Auditor (Chartered Accountant) who will submit his report to the Secretary cum Treasurer for presentation to the General Body.

  Donation of any amount in cash and/or kind may be accepted by the Association.


18.1 Entire proceeding of the election to the Executive Committee will be conducted by an Election Committee of 3 persons nominated by the Executive Committee. Out of these, one shall be the President of Election Committee and two other, the members.


18.2 Election dates will be determined by the Executive Committee along with the members of Election Committee.


18.3 Election will be held in a General Body meeting called for this purpose by the members present.

President of the Election Committee will notify elections to various posts by giving atleast 3 weeks prior notice. Election Committee will receive the names of the desirous candidates from amongst the full members of the General Body of the appropriate Groups.

Date for receiving and withdrawal of the nominations will be announced in the initial notice.

Nominations thus received will be scrutinized by the Election Committee. If there are more than one candidate for a particular post, election will take place by a secret ballot in the General Body Meeting called for this purpose. After counting of the votes, the result will be declared in the same meeting.

19. All the provisions under all the sections of the Societies Registration Act 1860 (Punjab Amendment Act, 1957) as applicable to the NCT of Delhi shall apply to this society.
20. Once in every year, a list of the office bearers and Executive Committee members shall be submitted to the Registrar of Societies, Delhi, as required under Section `4’ of the Societies Registration Act, 1860.
21. The society can be dissolved as per provisions laid down under sections 13 & 14 of the societies Registration Act, 1860 as applicable to the state of Delhi.
22. In case of legal disputes, the jurisdiction will be the courts of NCT of Delhi only. Legal disputes will be in the name of/by the President and the Secretary cum Treasure on behalf of the Association.


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