Member will be enrolled only as life members. Members enrolled at the Head Office of the AIIMSONIANS shall be known as primary members. Type of Life Membership will be as below: 


The following are eligible for Full membership. On becoming full members, they are entitled to call themselves the AIIMSONIANS.

1-1a Group A: shall comprise:

A1* Those who have completed any postgraduate medical/paramedical course from AIIMS (MD, MS, PhD, MSc, DM, MCh, MHA, MDS, etc.)
A2* Faculty of AIIMS (past or present)
A3* All those who have completed a medical/ paramedical degree/diploma course at AIIMS (e.g. BSc, Nursing, P C Nursing, BSc, Human Biology, etc.)
A4* Any one who has worked for at least 3 years in an academic medical job at AIIMS.

1-1b Group B shall comprise medical graduates (MBBS of AIIMS).


Open to any one (including Indian/Foreign visitors) who has worked / participated in any academic activity at AIIMS for a continuous period of at least six months but is not eligible for full membership. Such members will be called "Guest AIIMSONIANS".

3. MEMBERSHIP FEES : (Revisable)

w.e.f. 1 April 2012:

  • Rs. 3,500/- for residents of India and other SAARC countries
  • U.S. Dollars 300/- for all others


  1. By resignation of a member
  2. On the death of a member
  3. By the General Body on the recommendations of the Executive Committee on the grounds of bringing disrepute to the Association.

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